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About Us...

My name is Ali Buck, originally from Norfolk, now living in Wiltshire, I have been involved with dog training for nearly 15 years when I got my first puppy, a Border Collie I called Cally.

When she entered my home I had no idea how much she would change my life. I had no idea how to train a dog but was very lucky to be helped by her breeder and attending some excellent clubs. I soon found myself with another collie, Ella, who was 3 years old and I began to enter the odd Competition with Cally, with disastrous results! In the ring she acted like she had never had a days training in her life, you name it she did it. But despite our shaky start I loved the involvement of training and the bond and trust that develops when you spend quality time together and enjoy each others company.

As my skills improved and Cally settled down we began to make progress and started to climb up the classes. We never made it the ‘dizzy heights’ of Crufts but we did have some great days out, made lots of new friends and joined the nutters who stand in the middle of a field on a Sunday morning in the pouring rain whilst our dogs did a 2 minute Sit Stay.
I began to help with the training at the club I attended and eventually opened my own small club. What started as 2 classes one night a week soon expanded to 3 classes two nights a week.

I moved to Wiltshire nearly four years ago but didn’t really get back in to dog training or competition, other than a few private lessons, until last year when I lost Cally to cancer and then found myself getting Dexter, an Australian ShepherdXCollie.
I wanted to take Dexter to training clubs but could not find one that offered that style of training I favoured, either the classes were too big or too expensive or the training methods out of date and so decided to open my own club so I could offer my techniques to others.
I believe in keeping the class numbers low so everyone has individual attention with time spent to deal with any issues the handler may have.

Dexter and I

Dexter and I are currently training to do Obedience, Agility and Doggy Dancing.


Bubbles helps out at the club with your booking in and any questions you may have. She is friendly and approachable and a real asset to the club. Still a novice handler she has a wide range of skills with a sound knowledge of Clicker Training. She competes in Obedience and Agility with her two dogs Norman & Hazzard.

Occasionally I invite guest trainers to the club to enhance your training techniques and understanding. I also offer individual training lessons.


Our training methods

Before you can learn how to train your dog successfully there are a few important things you need to understand.
When you invited your dog into your home you may as well have introduced a Martian to live with you. Your dog is a completely different species, his language is different, his body language is different, his values are different and he has no clue as to what is expected of him – he only knows how to be a dog!
We need to find a way to communicate with him to help him understand what is required in order for us to enjoy a happy and harmonious life together.

First we need to know what it is we want from our dog, which generally can be summed up in 4 basic parts:
To have a relationship based on mutual respect
To have socially acceptable behaviour
Not to pull on the lead
To come when called

Most people have realised that the old “I say, you do!” method of training is best left in the past. The two most used methods in modern dog training are ‘clicker training’ and ‘motivational play & reward’, which is the primary method that is used at the club.
Clicker training does have great benefits and when used correctly can be used in conjunction with play & reward methods.

So why Play & Reward? Because it is Fun, Fast and Effective!

If the dog does something and finds it rewarding, the chances are very high that they will do it again.
If the dog does something that is not rewarding, the chances are high that they will not do it again.



Remember that all dogs are different, all people are different and we all learn at different rates and in different ways. What may work for one person & their dog may not work for you with your dog, so be prepared to be flexible and adaptable, we won’t know what works for you until we try it.

The club is where you learn HOW to train your dog and to come back each week so we can assess your progress, chat about any problems you may have with the training and move the training on to the next stage.


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