Dog Training and Handling


The Club’s Aim
     To promote responsible dog ownership. To help you to train your dog to be a well behaved member of the community, to be an enjoyable family pet and to help you achieve your aims and ambitions with training techniques that are kind and enjoyable to both handler and dog.

How Long Will It Take?
      Training is an ongoing process which you will enjoy throughout the dog’s life. All dogs, and humans learn at different speeds and start with differing experiences, therefore there is no set time limit. However, everyone who attends regularly and practices at home will see a marked improvement in their dog, and will have a much better understanding of how to achieve their aims and make progress.

Do I Need Special Equipment?
      No. Please do not go out and buy a new lead and collar to come training. You will be advised on your first night on the best equipment for you and your dog.

Is My Dog Too Young or Too Old?
    Dogs can be admitted to class as soon as they are through their inoculations; please do not wait because the earlier you come the easier it is for us to help you avoid problems. However, if your dog is older don’t worry – it is never too late to start.

What If My Dog Has A Particular Problem?
      If you are worried about any aspect of your dog’s behaviour in particular please feel free to ring me for a chat before the class starts. Often something that is a problem to you will be normal to deal with for us.

What Should I Wear?
      You will find it more comfortable and safe to wear soft soled, flat shoes or trainers, and ladies you will find it easier to wear a pair of trousers rather than a skirt.

What Do I Need To Bring With Me?
     Your normal lead and collar, some tasty titbits and a good tug toy, but please avoid squeaky toys as they can be distracting for the other dogs, poo bags and of course your dog.

What Will We Learn?
The classes are designed to give you an insight into dog behaviour and training, and will teach you how to control your dog. This includes; sit, down, stand, leave, wait/stay, walk on a loose lead, come back when called and other social activities.
There will be the opportunity to progress further should you wish to do so, either for competition or just for fun. Individual help will be given on any problems which are specific to you, your family circumstances and your dog, and there will be time allocated for questions and answers.