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We were initially put in touch with Ali via a recommendation from a friend. It turned out to be the best recommendation we have ever had!!

Our dog Zeus was nearly a year old, and he was busy ruling the roost and generally making our lives a nightmare.  We had attended puppy socialising courses, and basic obedience training, however they did not deal with the fact that we had got ourselves 5 stone of stubborn, dominating Huskamute!

With a busy household and young children in the house, we were at breaking point, when as I say, we were lucky enough to be passed Ali’s number.

Three months down the line, her common sense, no nonsense approach has put us back in charge, and given us the control we needed.  Everyone is happier, including Zeus.  He has responded so well to us (and Ali!)……possibly because we now know what is expected from us as pack leaders!

One of the first issues Ali helped us with was that Zeus would NOT get in to a car.  Absolutely no way.  Within two sessions he was in the back of the car and now jumps in willingly.  He is now clicker trained, and recalls to a whistle.  Amazing result to say the least.

I would not hesitate to recommend Ali to anyone who has a puppy or older dog.  I only wish we had met sooner!


Lorraine Burke


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